Here are some of the electronic projects I've created over the past years. These have either been inspired by someone saying 'wouldn't it be nice if we had something that...' or I've just made them out of morbid curisoity.

Some of these are full projects, some are more 'proof of concept'.

9V battery tester
Simple single chip 4 LED battery tester to quickly check those PP3 batteries
Ultralight 1U rack mount 600W-RMS class D audio power amp
USB coffee mat
Powered by USB, this coffee mat will sound an alarm when the coffee reaches a programmable temperature - never endure cold coffee again!
A PIC based DMX interface primarily designed for Intellabeam lighting fixtures, but can be used universally!
7 segment HEX displays
Several methods of showing an 8 bit value on two 7 segment dislpays
LED RGB DMX lighting
I got fed up with being cooked on stage by 300W bulbs, so I built some RGB LED fixtures.
A CPLD to decode DMX to 6 PWM channels - Uses a EPM7128 device with code in VHDL
A Predictable randomness system for controlling RGB lighting (NJD Mirages x 6)
I've had some resistor colour code rhymes suggested recently - and here they are (not politically correct!)
Notes regarding the wiring and schematic of the potted noise killer preamp.


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