Resistor colour codes

The age-old problem of resistor colour codes has recently raised it's head again. Now I've heard of countless different ways of remembering the colour sequence, but when I was taught the colour code (many years ago) I was taught to associate each colour with a number, so if you saw yellow, you naturally thought '4' after a while. It's amazing how quickly the human brain can be taught to work this way! This method does not rely on any of the vast number of rhymes that are used by so many people to remember the sequence, or any software or colour charts. Of course, I've heard a great many of the rhymes over the years, and I thought I'd jot a few down here purely for reference if they help anyone. However, I'd thoroughly recommend the colour-number association method which is much faster and gives almost instant recall. You should be able to prove your geeky nature by giving your phone number in colour code off the top of your head! <example!>


Note: Some of these are not politically correct. Now I don't adhere to the current over-use of political correctness in everyday life, but if you do then I suggest you leave this website and go play on a road for a while.

Bowling Balls Roll Over Your Grandpa, But Victim Gets Well

Bad Beer Rots Our Young Guts But Vodka Goes Well

Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Virgins Go Without

Badly Burnt Resistors On Your Ground Bus Voids General Warranty

Brilliant Bonking Relies On Your Great Big Vagina Getting Wet


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